Enhanced 911


Effingham County has an Enhanced 911 system which means the 911 Public Safety Answering Points have the technology in place to receive name, address and phone number of the caller when dialing 911 from their landline telephone. 
The Telecommunicator that receives the call should have the capability to plot your address through the computer aided dispatch system used which will display the location of the caller on their mapping program. The owner or business name displays along with the address to that subscriber of the number used to call 911. Telecommunicators will verify this information while preparing to send emergency responders to the proper location. 
Telecommunicators do monthly testing to businesses and home owners through data received through the telephone services to validate accuracy and information when 911 is dialed.  
If you have changed local telephone services or moved, testing can be done by calling either 342-0774 or 342-2101 and ask if this is a good time to test your phone for calling 911. Verifying the information before an emergency arises helps assure immediate response to the proper location. 
(Wireless devices DO NOT operate in this method).
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